To see the day when Escorts (adult service providers, sex workers, call girls, courtesans, etc.) can work free from harm, and with peace of mind from phone pests, timewasters, scammers, abusers, harassers, and stalkers, etc. If you are a female escort, a transxexual escort, a gay male escort, a Domina, or do Erotic Massage, this service is for you


Large Bad Clients database and Escort Safety tool.

Don't get fooled by him again!


He doesn't want send Deposit as reservation and booking of your time and companionship.........

He wants to impose his own Rules, Terms and Fees not respecting those clearly displayed on your Site.......

He says he will pay you later........

He wastes your time........

He attempt to bargaining......... 

Or he stands you up.......




OUR MISSION:  To Serve, Protect, Educate, and Empower!

To help all escorts become aware of all the risks they may face, and to help them to be as prepared as possible.

From teaching escorts how to screen callers, how to listen and watch out for "red flags" and for European Blacklist to be a highly valued resource tool that independent escorts and escort agencies will covet in their screening process, because our goal is to make European Blacklist a large and most comprehensive data base of bad customers so escorts and escort agencies can make more informed decisions when dealing with new and unknown callers.

The theory is that the fear of being publicly exposed and shamed, along with the shame and brought to themselves and their immediate family, will make most people think twice about engaging in improper behavior, and will therefore be an effective deterrent to them from engaging in bad or illegal activities.  


Research has justified the use of this strategy because it warns and instills the fear that anyone who commits a crime will know in advance they run the risk of being publicly exposed, and there are serious unintended consequences that can be brought upon the perpetrators. A ruined reputation can have devasting and lasting implications. For people who mistreat escorts, being posted on National Blacklist should be a consequence that's to be very much avoided.


How Federal Law protects Websites like BLACKLISTED CLIENTS EUROPE

A federal law called the Communications Decency Act or "CDA", 47 U.S.C. § 230 is part of our United States federal laws. The CDA has declared that when a website visitor, user, member, writes and posts material on a website, the website itself cannot, in most cases, be held legally responsible for that posted material.   Specifically, 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1) states, "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."   Because the posts on National Blacklist are authored by users of the site, the CDA asserts that we, “National Blacklist,” cannot be legally regarded as the "publisher or speaker" of the reports contained here, and hence we are not liable for reports even if they contain false or inaccurate information.   The reasons for this rule were straightforward, and based on the understandable argument that websites cannot possibly monitor, investigate, verify, and determine the accuracy of the huge volume of information for which their users choose to post.


In general, each and every lower federal district court and federal appellate court that has construed the CDA has held that websites like National Blacklist are immune from virtually every type of civil liability based on WHOinformation posted by a third party (the site's users).


BLACKLISTED CLIENTS EUROPE is an escort safety tool by escorts, for escorts. 

National Blacklist is like a neighborhood watch program where independent escorts and escort agencies work together by sharing their bad client lists. By posting reports on National BLACKLIST about bad client encounters and bad customers who make threats, use violence, are scammers, rip offs, time wasters, abusers, or those who withhold money, escorts and escort agencies can quickly and easily share valuable and timely information to make their lives more safe and secure

Since most escorts screen their callers for safety it is important to try and verify your callers by any means possible. Most callers have learned to maintain some degree of anonymity with prepaid cell phones nd anonymous free emails that are in no way connected to their real identities.

They may have local or national Escort Review Board Handles and a histroy of reviews. You can see what they wrote, how they review, and you can see who they have reviewed so you can contact that escort to see how she felt about that particular client. When a client gives you references, of course he is only going to give you references from providers he's had good encounters with and he will not give you the names of girls he has had bad encounters with, so procider references are not the end all to the caller's history.

A well intentioned client or hobbyist wil try to develop a good reputation for their online persona or Review Board Handle. They will not want to give you their real name or employment information, so you will not be able to verify him, and other badboy client website's like our Europe Blacklist that try to say they can veriify him are only doing combined or aggragated internet searches on Google, Spokeo, or other People Search types websites.

Most times these are not helpful at all because your caller is using a prepaid cell phone and email that has not been published to the internet so there are no records or posts to trace them too, or associate them with, and so you may never be able to learn anything valuable or useful about your caller by using these other services.

BLACKLISTED CLIENTS Europe is devoted to protecting escorts and escort agencies from dangerous or flaky clients. While most problems which are reported deal with deadbeat customers who cancel at the last minute, don't show, or short donations, Europe BLACKLIST is also devoted to protecting escorts from anyone they might deal with including unscrupulous escort agencies, their managers, handlers, and even photographers. BLACKLISTED CLIENTS Europe is a resource too that allows escorts to easily and anonymously report incidents which happen to them and to view what has happened to others.

(BLACKLISTED CLIENTS does not endorse any specific lifestyle choices or vocation, it is simply a safety information exchange platform)